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We have launched (Monday, May 30, 2011) a website aimed at making it easy for Projects seeking Funding to meet with Potential Funders and/or Strategic Partners. It's also aimed at making it easy for Products/Equipment Manufacturers to promote their products to potential clients.

The Projects to Finance website is targeted at the following Industries/Professionals:

Financial Services (including Investment Banks, Finance Arrangers etc), Power & Energy, Power Generation, Power Distribution, Power Consultants, Oil & Gas Pipelines, Oil & Gas Exploration, Oil & Gas Consultants, Infrastructure Development (Toll Roads, Airport Construction, Dams etc), Traffic Studies Consultants, Mining Engineering Firms, Geological Survey Consultants, Engineering Consultants, Railway Consultants, Project Finance Advisory, Corporate Finance Advisory, Government Departments (Utilities, Energy Departments etc), Wind Turbine Manufacturers, Solar Power Components Manufacturers, Power Turbine Manufacturers, Road Construction Equipment Manufacturers, Railway Rolling Stock Manufacturers etc.

The list above is not comprehensive - it's here just to give you an idea of the type of Projects and Products/Equipment we are targeting.

The Projects to Finance website has come about because of constant requests from Members and Subscribers of the Project Finance Models for such a service. Over the 2010-2011 years we have seen a staggering increase in emails from around the world requesting us to start a service that makes it easy for Projects to meet potential Funders.

The Projects to Finance website is a Membership Website. So, Companies or Individuals that list their companies' Projects, Services and Products/Equipment are referred to as Members.

There are three main categories of Members (Advertizers) on this website:

  1. Projects Seeking Funders (Investors/Lenders)
  2. Projects Looking for Strategic Partners (i.e. projects looking for companies with a certain technical skill (e.g. a Toll-Road Operator). The Strategic Partner can also be an Investor/Lender in the Project.)
  3. Companies/Institutions that Provide or Arrange Funding (e.g. Aircraft/Aviation Finance Funders/Arrangers etc).
And of course Companies that want to Promote their Products/Equipment.

Click the Image below to go to the website:

projects to finance

Click here or the image below to go to the Power web page for information and links to the membership website sales copy.

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