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Book: Modern Project Finance Case Studies by Benjamin C. Esty

modern project finance - benjamin c. esty This book comes with our highest recommendation.

Harvard Professor, Benjamin Esty, is by far the most respected authority on Project Finance internationally.

He is the brains behind Harvard Business School's Project Finance Portal.

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Modern Project Finance is a collection of Case Studies of high profile Project Finance transactions from around the globe.

But, before Professor Esty dives into the case studies, he gives a very impressive definition and historical background of Project Finance. He dissects his definition of Project Finance and present different financing structures that are used in Project Financed transactions. He also discusses the typical Agreements that are entered into by participants in a Project Financed Transaction.

From there he goes into the Case Studies. Each Case Study is comprehensively discussed in detail. What makes these Case Studies interesting is that Professor Esty talked to the professionals who were at the "coal face" of the transactions. These Studies are therefore not an academic collection of transaction read from other sources and compiled into a book.

All we can say is: "Get this book - you will be glad you did!

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modern project finance - benjamin c. esty

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